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Professional Rehabilitation Services, LTD is a contract therapy provider for Home Health Agencies, which provides adult and pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and MSW services to homebound patients.

The Vision of Professional Rehabilitation Services (PRS) is to be the leader in providing quality home health care services to patients in the greater Chicago land area and to provide a healthy and friendly work environment for our employees.

Our mission is to “Reach out and help someone at home” providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy as well as MSW Services to homebound patients.

PRS history - Founded in 1988, PRS has been in the forefront of providing PT, OT, and ST services to home bound patients in the metropolitan Chicago area. Started with 3 employees, PRS’ outstanding reputation has helped us grow to a staff of over one hundred today.

Cost Analysis - Very Competitive per visit rates keeping your bottom line in mind. All of our staff are trained on PPS and OASIS.

Quality of Care Monitored
  • Competency evaluations performed on all employees.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys done on a regular basis.
  • Clinical record reviews performed periodically.
  • Compliance to visit frequency monitored weekly.

Partnership with PRS offers you ...

  • Increased customer satisfaction by the ability to achieve responsiveness.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity by outsourcing HR responsibilities.
  • Cost effectiveness by eliminating overhead expenses.

What does PRS bring ...

  • Our proven track record for dedication and commitment to excellent service.
  • Extensive therapy home care experience.
  • Our flexibility and diversification in meeting all your therapy needs.
  • Well trained and continuously improving professional staff.

What this means to your Home Health Services

  • Improved patient satisfaction.
  • Reduced overhead expenses.
  • Discounted per visit rate.
  • Our attention to detail from start to finish on every case puts your mind at ease.
Our Strengths
  • Dedicated, Courteous, Experienced, Professional, and licensed staff to meet all your needs.
  • Our Expertise, Experience, and Excellent Reputation in providing quality care to our clients at home.
  • Qualified and excellent support staff to handle all inquires and administrative tasks.
  • Flexible enough to meet all your needs and requirements.
  • Staffed to see patients on weekends and evenings or in an emergency.

Key Benefits

  • Weekly schedule and census report faxed or mailed to you every Monday.
  • All patients will be seen within twenty four (24) to forty eight (48) hours of SOC.
  • Plan of treatment faxed to you within twenty four (24) hours of evaluation.
  • Referral acknowledgment sent on a daily basis with therapist’s name and evaluation date.
  • D/C notification faxed to you one week prior to D/C date as well as upon D/C.
  • Documentation submitted twice a week or as requested.
  • All recertification will be faxed to you within five days of end of cert. period or as needed.

Our Promise

  • We, the employees of Professional Rehabilitation Services, promise to do our very best in providing quality care to our patients.
  • We further promise to oblige and meet or exceed all of our customer needs and expectations.

Why we are better

  • Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Our focus is in providing quality care not in financial gain.
  • Prompt response to referrals and inquiries.
  • We consider our employees as our asset.
  • Able to provide electro therapy modalities:
    1. Ultra Sound
      Electrical Stimulation

PRS Team

  • Together we can make an impact through our commitment to each other and to our patients.
  • Outsource most of your worries and let the therapy experts take care of all your therapy needs.



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